Gezocht: studenten voor schrijfproject Wikipedia-lemma’s.

01-12-2018 00:00

Studenten die lid zijn van de Vereniging Tropische Bossen (VTB) kunnen een vergoeding krijgen voor het schrijven van teksten voor lemma’s.

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International Conference: European Forests – Our Cultural Heritage, 4-7 December 2018

04-12-2018 00:00

This conference is organized by IUFRO jointly with the Austrian Forest Association/Working party on Forest History and the Institute of Ethnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences

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Feest van Licht en Liefde rondom Kerst 2018

24-12-2018 00:00

Je bent van harte uitgenodigd door Marion Gieben

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Urban forests - full of energy. 22nd European Forum on Urban Forestry

22-05-2019 00:00

Urban forests are vibrant places for multifaceted recreational activities, social gathering and mental restoration, but also provide biomass for an urban bioeconomy. They are full of energy. And so is the venue of this years’ conference: the German Sport University Cologne – the perfect location to explore energetic interactions of trees and human beings.

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ISSRNC Conference: Religion/Water/Climate: Changing Cultures and Landscapes, 13-16 June 2019

13-06-2019 00:00

This Conference is sponsored by the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture (ISSRNC) The ISSRNC welcomes papers, panels, and proposals from all disciplines that address the intersections of religion, nature, and culture. For this conference we especially welcome proposals that focus on religious and cultural responses to and conceptions of climate weirding, especially concerning water and climate change. The anthropogenic destabilization of global climate systems elicits responses from religious actors, but also precipitates religious questions. Of particular interest are places, ecosystems, and environmental processes where climate-induced hydrological changes have religious ramifications: coastal communities, desertification, wetlands, sea level rise, erratic rainfall, melting permafrost and glaciers, intensifying tropical storms, mangroves, fishing and fishermen, etc. By partnering with our hosts at the University College Cork, the ISSRNC seeks to advance conversations about the interconnections between water, climate, religion, and culture.

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